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The forest in Arnsberg comprises 62% of the land surface and is one of the most important potentials for tourism in Arnsberg.
The Naturpark Arnsberger Wald is one of the largest connected forest areas in Germany and encompasses the largest forest conservation area in North Rhine-Westphalia. 650km of paths and an attractive landscape provide an ideal environment for walking tours.
Over 120,000 visitors are guided on the topics of Forest and Timber in Arnsberg on a yearly basis. Many activities such as walking tours, nordic walking, cycling tours and horse-back rides are offered by the Sauerländer Gebirgsvereins (SGV) and the Verkehrsvereins Arnsberg e. V. in the woods in Arnsberg.
For 30 years now and with so far over three million visitors the Wildwald Vosswinkel is the largest nature experience centre in North Rhine-Westphalia. As a tourist attraction it offers walks viewing platforms, "forest stations" and guided tours of the forest for adults and children.
In the Landschafts-Informations-Zentrum (LIZ), which was established in 1994, visitors are informed about the special characteristics of the Arnsberger Wald and are invited to "experience" the forest habitat.