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Timber Industry

Businesses in Arnsberg range from forestry offices, carpenters´ workshops and timber mills to businesses involved in the fabrication of paper and wooden products.
In Arnsberg´s wood handling industry you find three large companies SAUERLAND SPANPLATTE, Pfleiderer and Eickel und Spindeldreher alongside the two timber mills Dünschede and Lattich. Whereas SAUERLAND SPANPLATTE is specialised in the production of tubular and solid extruded board, Pfleiderer and Eickel und Spindeldreher manufacture coated chipboard. Overall there are around 870 people employed in this sector.
The wood processing industry is represented by six companies with 170 employees in Arnsberg. The companies Rademacher, Datapack and Bohleber all fall under the category of the "Holzpackmittelindustrie" (Packaging). Eltec Elemente-Technik belongs to the furniture sector and produces assembled parts for furniture-, vehicle-, and ship-construction. Fürstenberg Holzwaren is part of the Umarex Group and produces among others handles for sports firearms. Finally, the company FHS Holztechnik manufactures wooden equipment for playgrounds.
The handicraft woodworking industry has traditionally played an important role in Arnsberg. There are around 50 companies with 170 employees ranging from carpenters and joiners, boat- and ship-constructors to parquet layers, modellers and violin makers.
Finally, in the paper industry, there are over 950 people employed by the companies Cascades, Wepa and Cosack. Cascades operates in paper-recycling at the global level. Wepa one of the largest producers of toilet tissue, tissue paper, kitchen roll etc. has its parent plant in Arnsberg and Cosack is a medium-sized company producing cardboard packaging.