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Heating with Wood

The production of energy with wood makes use of renewable resources, hence taking the pressure off non-renewables. This form of energy production is not only environmentally friendly but also supports the sustainable development of the local economy.
Since 1999 over 70 installations have been made in private households in Arnsberg, in line with the Holzabsatz-Förderrichtlinie (HaFö) (official guidelines). These generate a rated heat capacity of c. 2,900 kW.
The techniques for firing can generally be divided into the three categories Scheitholzfeuerung (logs), Pellets and Holzhackschnitzel (wood chips).
In order to promote the usage of pellets as an environmentally friendly energy source and to raise the marketshare of pellet firing, the initiative Landesinitiative Zukunftsenergien NRW and the north-rhine westphalian Department of the Environment brought the "Aktion Holzpellets" into being in 2003. The customer oriented campaign informs with brochures, a web site, an infoline and state-wide media and PR events about this environmentally friendly alternative. The measures are successfully supported through financial co-operation and the active involvement of over 220 firms, institutions and organisations. The number of installations for pellet heating in North-Rhine Westphalia has increased from 600 in 2003 to over 6,500 in 2006.
Wood chips are mostly used in larger industrial facilities as well as for the heating of public buildings, such as at the Jugendwaldheim Obereimer.
Information on the topic energy is also available from the Verbraucherzentrale Arnsberg.
The I.D.E.E.information- and demonstration-centre for renewable energies (I.D.E.E.) not only presents pellet, wood chip and log installations but also installations for the use of solar energy and energy conservation.