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Things to Know

Here you will find additional information around the topics forest and timber.

Forest Habitat

With an animated cartoon and information on the topics "Plants in the Forest", "Forest Functions", "Sustainability", "Forest Cultivation" and "Conservation" the web site of the Landesforstverwaltung (NRW Forestry Commission) is not only for children.

The federal forestry commission as well as the forestry commissions of the individual states have started the initiative Treffpunkt Wald (Meeting Point Forest) in order to bring the forest with all its functions and tasks closer to the public.

This initiative is a partnership, also supported by Schutzgemeinschaft Deutscher Wald (SDW), which has been promoting the protection of woodlands and the maintenance of the environment for over 50 years. The most important concern of the Deutsche Forstverein is to stabilise the forest and its diversity as far as possible and to secure the long term use of the forest for those people to whom it is their livelihood.

Timber Building

Arguments for the use of timber as a building material and the different timber construction techniques are nicely illustrated on the sites of the Landesforstverwaltung and the Holzabsatzfonds.

Architects, engineers, building owners and builders, colleges and building agencies as well as all others involved in construction process are offered information and working aids by the Informationsdienst des Holzabsatzfonds.

Heating with Wood

The Bundesverband Bioenergie e. V. (BEE)., which was founded in 1998 as an umbrella organisation for businesses and institutions in the field of bio energy, provides information on, and arguments for the use of such types of energy.

Further (background) information is also provided by the Holzabsatzfonds of the German forestry and timber industries as well as by the Landesforstverwaltung NRW.

Wood Art

Chainsaw carving is special type of wood art. In Arnsberg, the forester and artists Shapoor Engineer transforms entire tree trunks into high-quality pieces of art.