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Timber Building

There are a variety of ways in which timber is used as a (building) material in Arnsberg. This ranges from award winning timber buildings to innovative individual projects and playgrounds.
The three "Einfamilienhäuser in Reihe" (housing), the production hall MANNUS, and the office building tri-Haus are exemplary buildings in Arnsberg where timber has been used as a material. The architects Architekturbüro banz + riecks have won several awards for these constructions.
The municipal real estate service Immobilien-Service-Arnsberg (ISA) has constructed a temporary school extension out of wooden elements in co-operation with the local timber building business Holzbaufirma Dünschede. In addition, timber is used with an increasing frequency in the restoration and reconstruction of school buildings.
Another company focussing on timber is SAUERLAND SPANPLATTE. As leading supplier to the door industry they produce special components for high quality interior doors.
Finally, local government and local economy are co-operating in the design and construction of new playgrounds. The company FHS Holztechnik produces high-quality wooden constructions under the theme "Games and Adventure" which are erected throughout the whole district.