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Training and Education

The forest as a setting for "environmental experience" is a high priority in Arnsberg´s institutions.
The Jugendwaldheim Obereimer is the biggest institution in North Rhine-Westphalia for environmental education. Adventure and project oriented courses in forest ecology are offered for Schoolchildren at the institution´s site in Arnsberg.

The renowned artist Shapoor Engineer, who uses a chainsaw to create high-quality works of art from entire tree trunks, works at the same site.
The Waldarbeitsschule Neheim-Hüsten (Forest Operations School Neheim-Hüsten) is the silvicultural educational centre of North-Rhine Westphalia (NRW). The school is the only institution in NRW providing interplant training and teaching, leading to the officially recognised position of a skilled forest worker. In addition, the school offers further educational and training seminars in forestry. Furthermore, seminars on wood-processing are offered by the Berufsbildungszentrum der Handwerkskammer Arnsberg (bbz).
Educational as well as recreational excursions, school programmes, seminars, fieldtrips and walks are offered by the non-profit institution Forest Academy "WALDAKADEMIE VOSSWINKEL". The North Rhine-Westphalian "Working Group for Forest Education" also has their head office in the "Wildwald".
Environmental education is an important topic which is also addressed by the Naturschutzzentrum der SGV-Wanderakademie with an emphasis on ecological networks. An "Adventure and Experience Path" for example, serves to familiarise children with the forest and its functions.
The Landschafts-Informations-Zentrum (LIZ) is of more than regional importance in the fields of environmental education and conservation. It offers guided tours and events where the natural habitat can be experienced.